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Once calibrated one accelerometer it wasn’t hard to make another one work but the typical part came when I had to specify a particular distance,  do that when they are near to each others distances they get a ring around them and that solves my prototype as per my concept brief (find it below),  the only bug I am suffering with is that one of the accelerometer’s x axis is functioning inversely.


The more you share, the more you grow.

The idea is to make an installation to be installed on a screen in closed lightened public spaces like malls. Every person who comes in a certain range of the screen and sensors is represented by a “dot” on the screen . Each person is assigned with a differently coloured dot and wherever the person moves in front of the screen the dot follows him/her. As soon as he/she come beside a person and stay there for a certain amount of time a ring adds around your dot. In similar manner the more you share/ interact/ stand near/ feel the aura of a known or unknown person the more rings you get, more the rings around you, more you have shared, more you have grown.

Prototyping Idea

As for prototyping, my Idea is to create a miniature model of the environment where humans will be represented with different colours/ objects/ sensors  and the output result will be displayed on a PC Screen.