A not so cool start…

Let’s start with me entering the studio, my first day. It seemed all coo and I loved it as it seemed really cool and I was highly enthusiastic , just wanted to start the work right away. I entered and stood before the wall full of awards and felt them, as if they were mine, as if now I am going to be the part of them too. Ambitions were coming into the reality. I was asked by our HR to wait in a room where we were briefed about the company policies later and that feeling of professionalism even rose. A great start of a day in a totally new city where I almost knew no one . Then I was given a tour of the company along with me introducing myself to people around me.

Now comes the part where I was sitting with no work in hand, by the evening I get an internal assignment of designing an elevator system for a thousand floor building with my fellow intern and we make things and present them. For the next month and a half we get a bit of wireframes to replicate so that we can get our hands on sketch. And believe me it was hell boring for me to be idle. I became really frustrated alone in the city and having no work to do. However we were part of brainstorming around some pitch presentations and all. But yes, then the day came when I got my first commercial project in a company, 18 Feb 2018, I got my first project. Will talk about it in my next post. Stay tuned…..

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