Design for a Cause : A Portfolio add on

Hello everyone, its nice to see you all back again. Today I heard about one of the ideas in regards to designing for a cause. A project about designing for social welfare, one of my colleagues had a very fascinating idea and I was amazed by it. It definitely had a lot of potential . But as we all know design is a field full of “whys” and at times we are the only one to ask ourselves. When it came to why someone would want to design for a social cause, most of us do it for portfolio, and it is good to do that, that ways you could convey that you think about the society. But, sometimes our desire to add something to our portfolio just for the sake of adding it can steal the potential from the project as it can lead us to design something which might not be the solution because in such scenarios primary research is very critical and not doing it and directly deciding upon what the product should be can lead to a gap where it becomes difficult to justify how we came to the product. According to the knowledge I have Finding the problem, Analysing it, Thinking of a solution and iterating on it should be the process, but because of the deadlines and boundations that we have in our day to day projects, be come up with a tendency to finish the projects fast, however it is necessary to find the real solution which would solve the problem and fight for the cause. Hope I don’t get deviated when it comes to me. Your comments and opinions are most welcome. Thank You!

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