Notification Bombs

I saw a medium article saying the glitches that we face while have notification pop-ups. I gave it a thought and realised that it was a serious issue, the critically appear as if your screen is bombarded. The major problem that the article talked about and a lot of us face was the slip of clicking that notification while intending to click the button beneath it. This is a serious UX issue. However the guy also gave a solution to this by reducing the width of the notification. 

But I think it hardly works, yes it does deliver some functionality and is much better than previous one but can still lead to the slips as there are still two more interactions beneath it, so the question arises that how do we solve this challenge?  As a follower of Mr. Norman, it makes me think of it as a bad design. Everybody wants something cool, well so I am too but shall it be over the cost of functionality. This is just something which has made me think but still I need to find answers for it, a solution to the problem.

You can also have a look at the blog I derived the information from :

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